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Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Zooming in to keep the work of the recently established Finance and Facilities Committee moving forward.

The responsibility for maximizing district resources begins with district leadership. Day-to-day management stems from the superintendent’s office, in collaboration with governance and oversight provided by volunteer members of the school board.

In my first month as a newly elected January 2018, the board hired a superintendent whose landmark impact was to actively engage the Shawnee Mission community in shaping the district’s roadmap for the next five to ten years. Since the Strategic Plan was adopted, critical steps have been taken to strengthen the alignment of district priorities, resources and efforts. Development and implementation of the Strategic Plan has rolled out under the guidance of the incoming superintendent whose close involvement only serves to facilitate a smooth transition in district leadership. Highlights of district progress noted here are all referenced on the district website, reflecting a commitment to transparency and ongoing communication:

upgraded district website, adoption of Canvas, Lightspeed, and Class Link to improve teaching and learning, addition of ThoughtExchange to better capture open-ended feedback from community members, posting Board Recaps following each meeting, elevating use of, livestreaming the work of the district, doubling board meetings per month, establishing committees like Finance and Facilities, District and Building Site Councils, and superintendent advisory groups.

The Shawnee Mission community of patrons, families and staff is one of our greatest resources, whose involvement can only enhance opportunities for all our students to excel. I seek an opportunity to continue to serve on your behalf.

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